Kittens for you

 Our Siberian kittens:  Neva masquerade and traditional color.


Here you can buy a best friend for yourself and for you family. All of our cats are super adorable and
tender, you can chose traditional or Neva masquerade color.
All of the cats are living with us, at our homes, as family members. We never put them in cells.
Big cats and there kittens are living together, playing with us and our children. Therefore, we choose new owners very carefully. We will be glad to receive news and photos of our kittens from the new house.
Kitties leave cattery after 3 months old, never earlier. In such way you are getting kitty that is
ready for independent living. In our cattery you also can get any kind of free consultation about
cat upbringing.

 All of our cats have been tested, all of them don’t have genetic disease.



Kittens ready to move:

Ch. Penochka Lunnaya Dymka, ds 33


Nov 07, 2018

Ch. Prince Iz Tsarstva Zimy, d 24


Ch. Zlatogorye Amela of Lunnaya Dymka, gs 2133


July 14, 2019

Ch. Rusik Dauriya, ds  21 33 09


Ch. Rusik Dauria, ds 21 33 09


Aug 7, 2019

I.Ch. Avrora of Lunnaya Dymka, fs 09


W.Ch. Potap Lunnaya Dymka, a 2133


Aug 8, 2019

I.Ch.Zlatogorye Amara of Lunnaya Dymka, fs 24


Gr.I.Ch. Sunrise Lunnaya Dymka, a 21 33 09


Aug 25, 2019

Ch. Kosmos Iz Odissei, n


I.Ch. Bereginya Morozko, a 21 33


Sept 21, 2019

Gr.I.Ch. Fresh Lunnaya Dymka, as 21 33


Kittens ready for reservation:

Ch.Geneva of Lunnaya Dymka, n 21 33


Nov 20, 2019

Ch.Rusik Dauria , ds 21 33 09


Ch. Kameliya Vizantiysky Podarok, a 33 03


Febr. 10, 2020

Ch. Tsvetoslav Lazoreviy Yahont, a 21 33 


W.Ch. Potap Lunnaya Dymka, a 2133


Dec. 7, 2019

Europa Zhemchug Nevy, n 2133


I.Ch. Xavier Lunnaya Dymka, n 2133


Feb 23, 2020

Сh. Zlatogorye Amela of Lunnaya Dymka, gs 2133

Kittens from Potap Lunnaya Dymka from a Friendly cattery.

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Terms used on the website:

AVAILABLE – means kitten is waiting for the family. You call us and order it anytime.

OPTION – means kitten can not be sold or order today. Maybe it can be available later.

RESERVED – means someone has already paid advance, so this kitty can not be sold to anyone else.

SOLD – kitten has been sold and already moved to the new place.