About us

Welcome to the website of the cattery of Siberian and Neva masquerade cats “Lunnaya Dymka”.

Hello, dear friends!

My name is Maria, and I am the head of the collective cattery “Lunnaya Dymka”. In November 2011 our cattery was registered in the World Felinological Center “Astra”. And from February 2014 it was registered by  WCF system.

The name of our cattery is Russian and written in Latin letters for registration, translated into English it means Moonlight Haze. The name of the cattery is inspired by the color of the Neva masquerade cats blue tabby point color, the ancestors of our cattery.

All our animals live in families with us and they are our favorites and full members of the family. These are our friends, our companions, our children.

Our cattery is professionally engaged in breeding Siberian cats: Neva masquerade and traditional colors. The emphasis in the breeding work we do on securing excellent breed type and and good-natured, complaisant character ouer cats.

Here, on our website you can learn more about this beautiful native species, see some pictures
of our cats and their kittens and of course choose one of them for yourself.
Our cattery is relatively young, but already has successful total winners of the exhibitions. We
also have top title honors. Our kittensare living in different Russian cities: from Kaliningrad to
Sakhalin, all over the Europe, in Asia, America and Africa.
Maybe you also will find your little star, your best friend, new family member here, among this

Cattery Lunnaya Dymka is located in several cities: of Moscow and the region, Yaroslavl.


Cities in which our kittens live.