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About the breed. Siberian and Neva masquerade cats, who are they?

Siberian cat is the national pride of Russia. There are no  person have not heard about the existence of this, one of the most beautiful breeds of cats.

Neva masquerade cat differs from Siberian only by its color. Color-point (easier to say-Siamese), very elegant color and bright blue eyes, have become a true decoration of the Siberian breed.

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Necessary things for your kitten.

You need to buy all necessary implements before you bring kitten at home. The most important are: litter, litter box, bowl, scratching furniture, carrier, bedding and different toys. You also may be need harness or leash.

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The basic rules of raising a kitten.

Kitten is learning how to be a cat by its mother, so it’s better not to take a cat less than 3 months old. At the same time, the kitten gets all the necessary vaccinations.

Kitten needs toys. It’s also very important for your home belongings safety, cause if kitten is boring, it can use your leather sofa or curtains as a toy.

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