Necessary things for your kitten.

You need to buy all necessary implements before you bring kitten at home. The most important are: litter, litter box, bowl, scratching furniture, carrier, bedding and different toys. You also may be need harness or leash.


Cat litter box.

There are 3 kinds of litter boxes: First one has a lattice inside, made of cheap plastic, doesn’t need to use litter, so need to clean it each time after your kitty use it. Second one is the box without a lattice, made of high quality plastic, has high walls (10-13sm.). This kind of litter box is using with litter!

And the third one is a cat litter box cabin – a kind of house-litter box for your indoor cat. Some people and some cats really like such litter boxes. It allows your cat to feel more comfortable and also your room can stay clean.


Cat litter.

Cat box fillers can be categorized into two types: conventional and clumping. Although the size of the granules varies, conventional cat box filler can be described as gravel-like in texture. Most brands claim to be dust-free or dust-reduced and to have a deodorizing agent. With conventional litter, the contents of the cat box must be discarded every time the box is cleaned in order to ensure that the cat has a thoroughly fresh supply of litter. When clumping litter is used, the cat owner can remove the clumps, then add more litter to the box, eliminating the need to refill it with every cleaning.



Kitten will need bowls for the water and solid food. Also will need a kind of plate for liquid food. If there are more than one cat in your place, it would be better to use elevated bowls. An elevated bowl allows your cat to it in a more natural position, which may improve his digestion as well as his comfort. Also if you’re out cat can drink or eat for a long time.



Scratching furniture.

One of the most thing that you kitten may need is scratch tower. Home living but go outside cats can use trees for scratching. Cause during scratching cat also like to stretch. So why scratch tower has to be taller than cat. On sale there are many varieties of cat complexes, cats like them very much. Pamper your pet and he will appreciate your care.



Harnesses and leashes.

If your cat lives and home and never leave it, you don’t need a leash. You may need it just if you want to teach your cat go for a walk near by you. The leash has to be made of good material and if to consider that adult cat is about 3 to 8 kg., the leash’s size has to be suitable. Dogs using leash is not allowed for cats!



For or taking care.

You may need Slicker brush. Slicker brushes are curved or slanted brushes with very thin teeth. They are ideal for medium- to long-coated cats and work well to remove dirt, dander and dead and loose hair. When used regularly they’ll prevent matting, but can also be used to help remove them. You also need to buy cotton swabs for ear cleaning and special scissors for cutting cat’s nails.



Bed and baskets.

As cat spend much time sleeping, You have to prepare for here a good sleeping place – cat bed. It has to be enough big. There are a lot of different sleeping baskets for cats, you need to use best one for your kitten.




There are so many different cat’s toys! Your cat may specially need it when you’re out or too busy for playing with it.





Carrier is very important thing. There are two kinds of them: plastic and cloth. Cloth is good using in winter, cause it can protect your cat from drafts and cold air. Plastic carriers are using when the weather is hot. You need to use carrier if you take your cat during driving the car, traveling by train or plane and also when you’re going to visit the vet. It’s not comfortable for your cat to sit on your knees in the vet. Even if there no animal can hurt it, it can think otherwise.